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Heavy Duty Expandable Water Hose and Metal Nozzle Set
New Arrivals, Home and Garden
50 Feet



  • This is a Heavy Duty Expandable, Retractable Water Hose with a Four Inner Layer Latex Rubber Core and Super Strong 3750D Polyester Outer Fabric Cover; Making this Hose Extremely Durable.


  • Hose Automatically Expands 3x Times its Original Size When Water is Turned on and shrinks back to its Original Compact Size when the Water is Turned off and Drained from the Hose.


  • This 50 Foot Expandable Water Hose is Super Lightweight, Compact and Flexible which Makes it Perfect for Easy Handling and Simple Storage.


  • Included is a Professional Metal Nozzle with 9 Different Spray Patterns: Jet, Soaker, Center, Mist, Angle, Full, Cone, Flat and Fan.


  • The Hose Features Strong Metal Brass Connectors 3/4 to Ensure a Leak Free Connection. For Convenience Hose includes an On-Off Valve.


Heavy-Duty 50ft expandable garden hose with a professional metal nozzle that gives you 9 different watering patterns. This hose contains an inner 4 layer latex rubber core and a tough 3750D outer fabric that is kink-free and automatically expands 3x its original size when water is turned on. Our hoses collapse and shrinks back to its original compact size when the water is turned off and drained from the hose. This 50 ft water-hose is compact, lightweight and flexible making it perfect for easy handling and simple storage. The strong brass metal connectors 3/4 insure a leak free connection. The professional heavy duty metal nozzle gives you nine options to choose from to meet your watering needs. This outdoor hose and nozzle set is perfect for Watering Lawns, Car Washes, Gardens, Plants, Bathing Lovable Furry Pets, Cleaning Sidewalks and so much more!